Sub Cult

Sub Cult at The City of London


To design a temporary home for SubCult in a shipping container on Finsbury Avenue Square in the City of London


SubCult’s new base sits within a collection of shipping containers on Finsbury Avenue Square in London. The brand will be in residence here for eighteen months while the surrounding area is being redeveloped. The challenge facing Block1: Design was to create a space that can be easily packed up and moved away while giving a nod to the origins and strong brand identity of SubCult.

The concept is centered around the subculture roots of the founders Ben and Gaz with references to mod culture through the use of strong graphics and clean monochrome lines. The space is divided into two with dividing mesh screens, one half housing the kitchen and service area and the dining area In the other. The design incorporates benches and high tables to give a perception of wider space whilst maintaining a comfortable dining experience.

The unit has sliding doors which brings the restaurant out into the centre of Finsbury Avenue Square .