Greetings, fellow design enthusiasts,


In the vibrant world of interior design, theinitiation of any project is an exhilarating moment, brimming withpossibilities and untapped potential. It is at this nascent stage that weintroduce one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal at Block1, theaward-winning London interior design studio - the Bespoke Design Mood Board.Join us as we unravel the secrets behind crafting mood boards that pave the wayto interiors that are a true reflection of your style.


TheGenesis of a Vision

Every design journey begins with a vision, acollection of ideas, and inspirations. The mood board is where these abstractnotions take a tangible form, morphing into a canvas of textures, colors, andelements that echo your style and narrative.


TheBlock1 Approach to Mood Board Creation

Our creativity-based interior designphilosophy at Block1 champions a meticulous approach to mood board creation.Leveraging a rich tapestry of expertise, from bespoke joinery design to 3Dvisualizations, we bring your vision to life, piece by piece, in a vivid,tactile, and visually stunning representation.


AnExploration of Elements

A mood board is more than a collection ofimages; it’s a curated selection of various elements that echo the pulse of aspace. Here’s how we delve deep into the individual components:


ColourPalette: A carefully chosen spectrum of colours thatnot only aligns with your brand's identity but sets the tonality of the space.

Texturesand Materials: A selection of fabrics, materials, andtextures that bring a rich diversity and depth to the interiors, touching uponthe nuanced realms of touch and feel.

Lighting: A preview of how different lighting techniques can accentuate thespace, offering a glimpse into the potential atmospheres that can be crafted.


BringingBrand Identity to the Forefront

At Block1, we understand that a space is aliving, breathing entity, echoing the brand's ethos at every corner. Throughthe mood board, we ensure that every element, from the bespoke joinery designto the choice of lighting, resonates with the brand’s personality, offering acoherent and harmonious design narrative.


FromMood Board to Reality

The mood board stands as the cornerstone inour all-inclusive design process. It is the roadmap that guides us from initialconceptualization to the final handover, providing a visual guide that evolves,yet remains the touchstone, ensuring a space that is not just designed, butfelt, lived, and experienced in its truest essence.


Embarkingon a Journey with Block1

As we stand on the threshold of creation, weinvite you to be a part of this fascinating journey of transforming visionsinto realities, one mood board at a time. Let’s collaborate to create spacesthat are a true reflection of your style, spaces that tell a story, and echo apersonality that is uniquely yours.


Join us at Block1, where every mood board is astepping stone to a dream realized, a vision brought to life with passion,expertise, and a deep understanding of the transformative power of design.


Until our paths cross in the vibrant world ofdesign,



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