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Laura Kiely
September 20, 2023
About 3 minutes

Greetings, wonderful readers,


In the vibrant panorama of interior design,the allure of colour emerges not just as an aesthetic delight but as a pivotaltool in weaving a tale, a narrative that resonates with a brand’s ethos. AtBlock1, your trusted award-winning interior design studio in London, weemphasize the harmonious blend of brand consistency and the thoughtful applicationof colour in creating spaces that echo with authenticity and allure. Let’s takea deeper dive into the world of colour through the lens of brand consistency.


BrandConsistency: Crafting a Harmonious Narrative

The cornerstone of a successful brand lies inits ability to narrate a consistent, engaging story. At Block1, we employ ourcreativity-based interior design approach to craft spaces that echo aharmonious narrative, where every hue selected resonates with the brand’sessence, offering a cohesive, vivid, and inviting visual language.


TheColour Palette: More Than Just Shades

The selection of the right colour palette ismuch more than a choice of shades. It is a meticulous process, intertwined witha profound understanding of a brand’s personality, ensuring that the colourschosen not only beautify the space but speak volumes about the brand’s journey,ethos, and spirit.


Block1’sBrand Consistency Audit Tool

As we venture deeper into the design process,we introduce you to our Brand Consistency Audit Tool — a meticulous mechanismdesigned to ensure a seamless resonance of your brand's story through everytouchpoint. Leveraging elements like bespoke joinery design and strategicsignage and wayfinding, the tool aids in creating a holistic design landscape,where colour emerges as a vital storyteller.


ColourThrough Different Spaces

Be it the energetic vibe of food and beveragespaces or the sophisticated ambiance of retail design, our approach ensures astrategic application of colour, where each hue selected not only harmonizeswith the function but accentuates the brand identity, offering a rich, resonantbackdrop to the vibrant stories unfolding in each space.


BringingYour Vision to Life with Colour

Stepping into the vibrant journey of bringinga vision to life, we at Block1 adopt a meticulous approach, from initialconceptualization to the full handover, ensuring a vibrant, coherent, andauthentic reflection of your brand’s narrative through the magical lens ofcolour.


Embarkon a Colourful Journey with Block1

As we forge forward in our journey of craftingspaces that echo with vivid tales told through hues and textures, we invite youto discover the transformative power of colour in interior design with Block1.Let’s craft spaces that are not just visually enticing but echo a story, apersonality, a heartbeat that is unmistakably yours.


Come, let’s embrace the colourful journey ofcrafting a brand story that resonates in every hue, every nuance, and everyvibrant corner, creating a symphony of colours that echo with authenticity andcharm.


With a canvas of colourful dreams,




Discover the Power of Colour in Interior Design
Laura Kiely