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When you step into a space, what catches youreye first? Is it the harmonious blend of colours, the bespoke joinery, orperhaps the distinctive touch of brand identity exhibited throughout the space?At Block1, London’s award-winning interior design studio, we believe incrafting spaces that are a true reflection of your style, a harmonious blend ofaesthetic appeal and functional design, bringing every dream space to life, oneblock at a time.


Step into the Block1 Experience

Established in 2014, our journey began with asimple yet profound philosophy – to design out of the block. With over 50successful projects under our belt, we have carved out a space in the heart ofLondon as a creativity-based interior design studio, where every project is acanvas and every design tells a story.


More than Just Spaces

Our comprehensive approach to interior designgoes beyond mere aesthetics. At Block1, we specialize in a holistic designsolution, offering services from franchise development to retail design andfood & beverage spaces. Our expert team ensures that every project weundertake is not just a space but an experience that harmonizes with thebrand's identity, story, and the people it houses.


Crafting Brands, Crafting Stories

We understand that a brand is more than just alogo or a colour scheme; it’s an identity. It's a story waiting to be told, andevery touchpoint, from signage to web design, plays a pivotal role in narratingthis story. Be it packaging, print design or a stellar web presence, we bring a360-degree approach to brand evolution and identity, crafting a narrative thatresonates with your audience at every level.


A Transparent, All-Inclusive Design Process

Stepping into the world of Block1 meansembarking on a journey of transparent, structured, yet incredibly personalizeddesign journey. From the initial conceptualization to the final handover, wemaintain an open line of communication, making each step clear, efficient, andtailored to your unique needs.


Our expertise extends into detailed design& drawings, 3D visualizations, and on-site design coordination, offering aseamless transition from a vision to a tangible, breathing space. The finalhandover is not just a project completion; it is the beginning of a newchapter, a testimony to a fruitful collaboration, and a space that echoes yourstory, crafted to perfection.


The Block1 Approach to Bespoke Joinery Design

Joinery is where art meets architecture. It isthe soul of a space, bringing warmth, character, and functionality into everynook and cranny. Our bespoke joinery designs offer a unique blend of aestheticand functional attributes, crafting pieces that are not just furniture buttimeless pieces of art, enhancing the beauty and utility of your space.


Empowering Your Vision with Block1

At the heart of Block1 lies a passionate teamof experts dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Our mission is to empoweryou to create spaces that are a true reflection of your style, leveraging ourcreativity-based interior design approach to build environments that are notjust visually stunning but also echo the essence of who you are.


As we move forward, we invite you to be partof our journey, a journey of transforming spaces, crafting narratives, andbuilding dreams, one block at a time. Block1 is not just a London interiordesign studio; it’s a movement, a philosophy of crafting spaces that are a trueextension of your identity, embodying a harmony of beauty and functionality.


We encourage you to reach out to us, to stepinto the vibrant world of Block1, where dreams take shape, and every spacetells a story. Let’s craft that story together, creating a world that is notjust designed but lived, experienced, and cherished.


Let's create spaces that are truly yours, withBlock1.


Until the next time,



Learn How to Create Stunning Interiors That Reflect Your Style
Laura Kiely