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Essential Lighting Techniques for Every Room

Laura Kiely
September 20, 2023
About 3-4 minutes

Hello, lovely readers,


When it comes to interior design, lightingstands as a silent yet powerful element, influencing not only the aestheticsbut the very mood and atmosphere of a space. At Block1, the award-winninginterior design studio in London, we consider lighting to be the invisible handthat shapes experiences, a tool that, when leveraged effectively, can transformthe mundane into the spectacular. Today, we delve deep into the world oflighting, exploring essential techniques to create the perfect ambiance inevery room.


Understandingthe Role of Lighting in Interior Design

At the heart of our creativity-based interiordesign approach lies a profound understanding of the role lighting plays ininterior design. Be it a commercial workspace or a bespoke residential project,lighting can dictate the mood, influence perceptions, and accentuate the designelements in a room, bringing the vision to life in its true essence.


LayeredLighting: The Block1 Approach

Our approach at Block1, a renowned Londoninterior design studio, is to create a layered lighting plan that seamlesslyblends:


AmbientLighting: The general illumination that replacessunlight, offering a uniform light layer across the room.

TaskLighting: Focused lights that facilitate specifictasks, like reading or cooking, enhancing functionality without compromising onstyle.

AccentLighting: This is the dramatic flair, the spotlightthat accentuates artworks, architectural features, or focal points in a room,bringing depth and dimension to the space.

           Bespoke Joinery Design Meets Light

Imagine the glow of soft light filteringthrough a custom-designed joinery piece, adding a warm, golden hue to the room.At Block1, our expertise in bespoke joinery design integrates with our lightingsolutions, creating spaces that are not only functional but exude a warm,inviting glow, enhancing the beauty and the narrative of the space.

ThePerfect Blend of Shade and Illumination

In the art of creating the perfect ambiance,the harmony between light and shade stands pivotal. Leveraging 3Dvisualizations, our team at Block1 crafts lighting plans that offer the perfectbalance, creating pockets of light and shadow that add a rich texture and depthto the interiors.


Lightingand Brand Identity

Lighting does not operate in isolation; itweaves into the larger narrative of brand identity. Be it retail design orfranchise development, the lighting speaks volumes about a brand's personality,echoing its values, and enhancing its identity, making it a vital component inour holistic design solution.


IlluminateYour Space with Block1

As we stand at the intersection offunctionality and aesthetic appeal, we invite you to explore the transformativepower of lighting with Block1. Let us guide you in crafting spaces where lightnot only illuminates but narrates stories, where every hue and glow resonateswith the brand’s ethos, and where the ambiance is not just seen but felt.


Together, let’s craft spaces that tell storiesthrough light, spaces that echo with warmth, harmony, and a glow that feelsjust right. Join us on this enlightening journey as we redefine spaces, onelight at a time.


With brightness and warmth,



Learn How to Create the Perfect Ambiance with Lighting
Laura Kiely