Block 1 Design: Notes from Journey

Space Efficiency Calculator

Justin Melican
September 20, 2023
About 3-4 minutes.

Hello dear readers,


In the dynamic landscape of interior design,the utilization of space and the orchestration of colours stand as pivotalelements in crafting environments that are not just aesthetically pleasing butfunctionally optimal. At Block1, London's award-winning interior design studio,we have mastered the art of marrying space efficiency with the transformativepower of colours to curate spaces that resonate with beauty and practicality.Let us delve deeper into this fascinating journey of colour and space.


SpaceEfficiency: More Than Just Measurements

Space efficiency is not confined to thephysical dimensions of a room; it extends to the visual and emotional realms.At Block1, we enhance space efficiency through expert techniques, includingbespoke joinery design and innovative layout planning, ensuring every inch ofyour space is utilized to its fullest potential.


TheSpectrum of Colours in Interior Design

Colours hold a profound influence over ourperceptions and emotions. They have the power to manipulate the perceiveddimensions of a space, create mood, and tell a rich narrative. Leveraging ourcreativity-based interior design approach, we utilize colours to breathe life,depth, and character into every project.




Calculatingthe Ideal Colour Palette

At the core of our design process is the'Space Efficiency Calculator', a tool that adeptly combines space utilizationwith the strategic application of colour theory. Through meticulous analysisand 3D visualizations, we curate colour palettes that not only enhance thespatial efficiency but echo the brand’s personality and ethos.


BeyondAesthetics: Crafting Experiences

The journey of crafting a space goes beyondaesthetics; it involves creating experiences. From food and beverage spaces toretail design, our comprehensive interior design approach ensures that thechosen colour palettes align seamlessly with the function of each space,enhancing both the visual appeal and the user experience.


TheBlock1 Advantage: Award-winning Interior Design Studio in London

As a seasoned player in the London interiordesign studio landscape, we bring a rich portfolio of services to the table.From logo creation to web design and signage, we ensure that the colour storyextends beyond the physical space, creating a harmonious brand identity thatresonates across all touchpoints.


Join Uson This Colourful Journey

As we navigate the vibrant world of interiordesign, we invite you to explore the transformative power of colour withBlock1. Let us guide you in discovering how a well-curated colour palette canwork wonders in optimizing space, creating environments that are not justvisually stunning but deeply resonant with your style and story.


Step into the vibrant, colour-rich world ofBlock1. Let’s craft spaces that echo your story, spaces that are truly yours,where every colour tells a tale, and every inch is a canvas of possibility.


We look forward to embarking on this colourfuljourney with you, creating spaces that are a testament to the potent blend ofcolour and space efficiency, the hallmark of Block1’s creativity-based interiordesign philosophy.


Until we meet again,



Discover the Power of Colour in Interior Design
Justin Melican