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To design a premium fried chicken sandwichrestaurant in Shoreditch.



Butchies approached Block1: Design to designtheir first standalone restaurant. We wanted to create a restaurant thatchallenged the established notion of a “chicken-shop” while retaining the funand character of the Butchies’ brand.


Most chicken restaurants focus on red so wewanted to take a different approach. We started by looking at urban spaces andfocused on the tile patterns of the Berlin underground. This is where we foundthe green tones which works to create a more premium feel within the space aswell as introducing an unexpected colour. We played with scale and colour hereto create interest and texture on the walls and counter.


The building itself has a lot of character so weare keen to work with what was there as much as possible. Original walls areleft exposed and the original shop front has been retained with an added Neonchicken in the window.


Custom wall lights were designed for the firstfloor to carry the design through from the counter.


Butchies has been shortlisted for the Restaurantad Bar Design Awards 2018 – Fast / Casual Category


Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2018



Services delivered by Block 1 Design on thisproject :

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