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To design the first site for the new restaurant and brand concept Fatt Pundit. The brief was to create a transitional space over basement and ground floor of the Soho site with an open bar and momo station. We were also asked to create a logo as well as the brand identity for the new Chinese inspired Indian cuisine.
Originating from Kolkata, this unique cuisine was invented when the Hakka people migrated to India from the Chinese province of Canton, bringing with them their culinary treasures. Incorporating traditional Chinese cooking techniques with the spices of India to create something both new yet familiar, Indo Chinese is now an integral part of Indian cuisine. Playfully named Fatt Pundit it’s a combination of the common Chinese surname ‘Fatt’ with the Indian word ‘Pundit’ (a scholar). We created a logo, packaging, menu and website for the brand. The online presence was expressed through the same layering of texture and colour as the built environment. Our approach was to reference the district within Kolkata where this cuisine originates. Red and green are two distinctive elements to the buildings of this area and can be found on doorways and window frames wherever you look. We wanted to incorporate this colour palette into the design as well as the bare concrete walls and mix of Chinese and Hindi symbols that adorn the walls of Tangra. The result is a space and branding that is warm and inviting and reflects the heritage and vibrancy of the cuisine.
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