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To design the third Gunpowder restaurant in the heart of Soho
The recently completed Gunpowder Greek Street takes inspiration from art deco and the building itself to create a unique dining experience in Soho. This is our third collaboration with the Gunpowder and to reflect this we have moved the design on to a more refined aesthetic. This was achieved through bespoke joinery elements and the use of luxury materials. We drew our inspiration from the early 20th century Paris café scene. We wanted to capture the vibrancy and atmosphere as depicted by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in his many works of the time. In particular the colours of his paintings Monsieur Boileau and Au Salon de la rue des Moulins. Vintage inspired French café bench seating transitions into a Rosso marble clad bar and high bench area before moving on to the private dining area. The private dining area with its red velvet walls create an opulence that sets this area apart. Lighting plays and important role in transitioning the space from daytime dining to evening. At night time the bar is washed with light and the velvet lined walls of the private dining room are dimly lit to create the perfect setting.
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