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To design and build on the concept of On The Bab London in the first restaurant in Paris.
This was a first international site for both On The Bab and Block1: Design On the Bab is an already very successful series of restaurants in London service Korean street food. For this first Paris site we wanted to build on the aesthetic of the existing restaurants while adapting and catering to a different clientele. Set on Rue Therese in the Opera district of Paris, On the Bab has a distinctive glazed facade allowing light to flood the space. We wanted to create a vibrant atmosphere within the main space and so designed most of the seating to run perpendicular to the window. This allows viewing into the space along the fixed long dining tables and also means you see people enjoying the space and not with their backs to the window. The design references the industrial aesthetic of the London restaurants but has been refined and polished with the introduction of Verde marble and frosted lighting. The bespoke seating design incorporates storage above and the wooden profile references the precision and clean lines of Asian design.
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