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To design a day-to-night café and wine bar.
Our latest project Where’s Fred’s is now open in the City of London. The concept is a day-to-night cafe and wine bar. Located in the listed square Frederick’s Place, Where’s Freds offers a unique dining experience that seamlessly transitions from cafe in the day to wine bar at night. Working closely with the client we chose a minimal and contemporary colour palette to contrast against the historic fabric of the building. The clean stainless steel lines of the serving counters sit perfectly against the original brick walls and beautiful oak windows. The use of light is key to the success of this design. The use of zoning and concealed lighting help the space transition from light filled busy cafe to warm and welcoming night time wine bar. At night the neon sign installed in the lightwell creates drama and adds to the atmosphere. Where’s Freds offers an experience found nowhere else in the heart of the City of London
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